Xi Beach

Xi Beach is situated in the south of the Paliki peninsula of Kefalonia, Greece and part of the district Mantzavinata near the town Lixouri.

The beach is a 4 km strip of sand which is up to 50 m wide in places. Several roads branch on the approach to the area and bring one out at different locations along its length, usually close to a bar, taverna or apartment complex.

Xi is renowned for its soft, red sand. It is a blue-flag beach. The sand slopes reasonably gently so that one can go out a distance from the shoreline. The areas of the beach that are close to hotels are developed and organised with beach loungers and sun shades. Areas that are away from amenities present a more natural aspect. The surrounding sediment and cliffs at Xi Beach are made up of a white clay, which is eroded into sharp profiles by the rain. The beach is made up of a soft, red sand.

Well-made roads lead down to the beach areas. At the end of the roads, car parking is located on-road or in car parks linked with Tavernas. This can be crowded at the height of the tourist season. There are several large Tavernas providing drinks and meals along the 4 km length of the beach area. Beach loungers and umbrellas are for hire in some areas of the beach, usually at points where hotels, Tavernas or bars are situated close to the beach. The beaches are associated with a high population density of tourists in high season.

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